519 Buehler Hall
September 20, 1973

Dear Senator,

Welcome back for the new school year, and an especial welcome to you if you are Just joining the Faculty Senate. I hope you share my view that the prospects are bright for each of us to contribute importantly to University governance through participation in Senate activities.

The installation of a new chancellor is, or course, a time of great expectations for the development of administration--faculty relationships, Because that new chancellor is our own Dr. Jack Reese, who was so intimately associated with the recent reorganization of the Senate and so instrumental in fostering its recent initiatives, we had best get ready for a busy and productive year, One of Dr. Reese's first official actions was to arrange for a meeting of out Subcommittee on Budget Allocation with key administrative offices in order that faculty participation in the budget making process begin as early as possible this year. This is a new opportunity for the faculty on this campus. There are a host of other problems and activities and many of our committees have current assignments in progress, such as various fringe benefits, involvement of faculty in administrative appointments, sabbatical programs, and a broad study of teaching by TV.

There are a few concerns about the conduct of Senate business in which your advice and counsel would be most helpful, In a large measure the effectiveness of the Senate will depend upon how well it represents the collective wisdom and interests of the whole faculty and upon how clearly individual faculty members recognize and validate this representation. How can we involve more of our colleagues in bringing issues to the Senate? How can we foster the interaction of Senate members with the colleagues they represent on matters that are or should be Senate business?

In order to accomplish one of the principal aims of the Senate reorganization, we must justify an increased feeling among the faculty that this body is an efficient and effective forum in which to consider and act upon our academic and professional goals and our institutional aspirations, Your recommendations for meeting this challenge are earnestly solicited. We have the greatest opportunities for developing a lively, a responsive, and a strong assembly. All, we have to do is succeed.

Please call on me or one of your other officers if you have questions or suggestions. We hope you will arrange your schedule to permit attendance at all meetings, and that the Senate will have the benefit of your participation throughout the coming year.

Sincerely yours,

C. W. Keenan
Chairperson, Faculty Senate

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