Faculty Handbook Task Force
February, 2002

Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002
From: Marian Moffett
Subject: Faculty Handbook Task Force updates

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks for a most productive session last Wednesday. This is my summary of major items we covered.
  1. We considered the range of policies, procedures, and rights that comprise the present Handbook and questioned whether Handbook was the correct term for this array. We may want to find a more appropriate term for whatever it is we produce. We will concern ourselves with matters pertaining to faculty, recognizing that others will take responsibility for staff exempt and non-exempt policies.

  2. It was generally agreed that we should work towards a dynamic document, maintained primarily as an electronic version on the web but available in more permanent form also as a printed copy in the Library and annual editions issued on CD-ROM. The need to communicate clearly to faculty when changes are made to handbook material was noted, as was the desirability of noting dates of changes on the policies themselves.

  3. We have begun work by comparing the content of our existing handbook with that of comparable peers (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Florida). Those present divided themselves into working groups: Kathy Greenberg and Mike Combs taking Chapter 1; Bill Dunne, Clark Garland, and Joe Trahern taking Chapter 2; and Peter Hoeyng, Beauvais Lyons, and Charles Reynolds taking Chapter 3. Marian Moffett will attempt a global overview of contents from all 5 institutions. Kathy and Mike aim to have a preliminary report for us at the February 13 meeting.

  4. We agreed to a meeting schedule for the remainder of the semester. Meeting from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays seems to fit best with most of our lives. We now have locations for these meetings, as follows:
    February 13 -- 4th floor, Andy Holt Tower
    March 6 -- 4th floor, Andy Holt Tower
    April 3 -- 4th floor, Andy Holt Tower
    April 10 -- 605 Hodges Library
    April 24 -- 4th floor, Andy Holt Tower
Since last week, Bob Glenn has asked to be released from this committee because of his other commitments, and Kathy Greenberg has acceded to his request.

Thanks to you all! I look forward to Wednesday, February 13.

Marian Moffett
School of Architecture
University of Tennessee
Knoxville TN 37996-2400
(865) 974-3273

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