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††††††††† I am Professor Emeritus in the Philosophy Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, though I still teach occasionally and do a lot of writing.I have published seven books and many articles in environmental ethics and logic. My most recent book is Environmental Ethics for the Long Term (Routledge 2015).I am working now on a book on partially ordered values in decision theory and consequentialist ethics entitled Incomparable values:Analysis, Axiomatics, and Applications.

††††††††† My wife, Annette Mendola, also a philosopher, is Director of Clinical Ethics at UT Medical Center and an Assistant Professor in UTís Graduate School of Medicine. Between us we have three adult children. In an effort to live sustainably, we grow much of our own food in organic gardens at our home, dry our clothes on a line, donít use air conditioning, and with an array of solar panels produce more electricity than we use. I mow the lawn with a scythe and commute to work by bike.