Group Snapshots

Amanda always has a blast while measuring on the Lambda!
Kendall has another awesome day on the infrared microscope!
Nathan and Ken adjust a translation stage.
Shiyu is setting up for a micro-Raman measurement.
Kevin, Hans Bechtel, and Omar Khatib at beamline 5.4 at LBNL preparing for our first set of near field infrared measurements!
Larry Carr and Jan hanging out at beamline 5.4 at LBNL.
Shiyu measuring magnetic circular dichroism using the new split helix magnet in cell 5 at the NHMFL.
Ken O'Neal and Amanda Clune in the measurement hall of the new NSLSII at Brookhaven National Laboratory with collaborator Zhenxian Liu.
All of the NSF-DMREF principle investigators at Rutgers University for science discussions.
This is the UT-Rutgers DMREF team at our favorite Greek restaurant!
Jan and friends at the DMREF PI Meeting in DC in 2015 in front of our awesome poster!
Sabine and chalcogenides go together like peas and carrots!
Avery and Kendall are taking low temperature data on the infrared microscope.
Kevin and Shiyu make an exploratory variable temperature Raman run!
Sabine and Ken on Stocking Party day (with Wassail to come)!
Reshef Tenne, Joel Miller, and Jan at the COINAPO conference at the Weizmann Institute.
Jan and friends at the 2013 Telluride workshop on spin-orbit coupling in 4 and 5d materials.
Shiyu starting his measurements on the lambda-900!
Jan and friends at the 2015 Telluride workshop on spin-orbit coupling in 4- and 5d-containing materials.
Jan and friends at the conference picnic in Telluride after a wonderful day of science + hiking!
Jan and Giti Kandaparast at the SPIE meeting in San Diego.
Kendall, Amanda, and Ken went for a hike in the hills during the afternoon break at the molecular materials Gordon conference.
Jan with many old friends in front of the hybrid magnet at the Chinese High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Heifei.
Kati Kamaras from the Wigner Institute in Budapest joined us for the solar eclipse!
We had 33 seconds of totality for the solar eclipse!
Jan with Erik Henriksen from Washington University and Dave Mandrus from UT/ORNL eating lunch by the ocean at the "Inorganic analogues to graphene" workshop in Cancun. Ben Hunt from Carnegie Melon took the photo!
Michael and Kevin in the hallway at Rutgers University after a busy day of DMREF discussions!
Sabine and Kevin working with Hans Bechtel and Larry Carr from BNL (not in photo) at the Advanced Light Source at LBNL for near field infrared spectroscopy. Go beamline 2.4!
Several group members celebrating the holiday season...
Nathan, Sabine, Michael, and Ken at Rutgers University for a springtime DMREF meeting.
Kevin and Mike Martin working at beamline 2.4 at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
David Vanderbilt, John Schlueter, and Jan at the Materials Genome PI meeting in DC.
Amanda, Nathan, Ken, and collaborator Zhenxian Liu measuring high pressure infrared and Raman + loading pressure cells in the new infrared cabin at Brookhaven.
Ken, Amanda, and Nathan present posters at the Materials Under Extreme Conditions meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Avery and Nathan are working together on the Big Bruker.
Michael is working on a paper at Rutgers University!
Micky Holcomb (WVU), Randy Fishman (ORNL), and Jan walking around Portland after the Gordon Research Conference!
Farmer Kiman and his girlfriend the cow at our Halloween party...
Red riding hood, a scary raggedy Ann, a day-of-the-dead dancer, and a robber at our Halloween party!
And here is the wolf... Watch out red riding hood!
Amanda and Kendall are opening up the bolometer to fix the filter rotation system.
Kati Kamaras and Jan in the beautiful snow at the Boston March Meeting!
Avery presenting his poster at the ACS meeting!
Avery loves to do outreach work. Here, he is performing for Robertsville middle school children as part of the PEER + SCEME collaboration.
Amanda and Kendall meet up with John Singleton, Jamie Manson, and Paul Goddard for coffee and world domination!
David Tanner told TWO bad jokes at the spectroscopy dinner this year...
Avery likes this version of the 2019 group picture! I wonder why... It must be because the girls look so happy!
Magneto-optics reunion in Washington DC with Giti Khodaparast (Virginia Tech), Madalina Furris (Vermont), Steve McGill (Magnet Lab), and David Bernholdt (ORNL)!
Michael Yokosuk explaining nonreciprocal directional dichroism in chiral magnets at his PhD defense!
Jungjie Yang from NJIT stopped by Vienna Coffee to discuss nonreciprocal effects.
Thomas Heine chatting with Amanda and Kendall about metal-organic frameworks after his seminar!
Andy, Daniel, and Shiyu discuss how to prepare for the qualifying exam in Physics.
Kiman and Avery with Mike Ozerov setting up magneto-infrared spectroscopy at the Magnet Lab in Tallahassee.
Kiman is inserting the infrared transmittance probe into the cryostat at the Magnet Lab.
Kiman loves the Magnet Lab!
Shiyu and Avery and setting up for variable temperature Raman scattering!
Avery gave a talk at the MAGNA meeting and won the 3rd place presentation prize!
Nathan and Amanda (not shown) do a liquid nitrogen demonstration for aspiring chemists Bella, Lauren, and Sophie from the local high school.
Jaime Fernandez-Baca and Randy Fishman drinking coffee during the "cold banana" demonstration while Avery runs far infrared in the background.
Kevin and Sabine test out remote operation of the near field instrument at the Advanced Light Source, and Kiman sets up for low temperature work..
Avery is polishing a crystal in full PPE. Safety first!
Fall 2020 photo of the research team. What a beautiful fall day!
Avery and Kiman dress up as the X-Men (or the Blues Brothers?) for the departmental Halloween contest! p.s. They won first prize!
Shiyu shows Alexis and Tim how to align samples on the Big Bruker.
Guys hanging out after Sabine's defense (and the champagne!).
Team photo at the 2020 holiday party in the lab.
There was a lot of food at the holiday party. Too much actually...
Kevin and Tim doing remote user work at beamline 2.4 at the Advanced Light Source. Yes, it really works!