Our Facilities

Our lab (2000 sq. ft) is in the Science and Engineering Research Facility at the University of Tennessee. It is fully equipped for a variety of spectroscopic measurements. Major equipment includes: a Bruker 113V Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (35-5000 cm-1) with reflectance stage, Perkin-Elmer far- and mid-infrared polarizer/analyser set, high sensitivity liquid helium cooled far (bolometer) and mid-infrared (boron-doped Si) detectors made by Infrared Labs, and a low-temperature cryostat equipped with transfer line and temperature controller. An infrared microscope system compliments the capabilities of the Bruker 113V and provides the capability to study very small samples. A very far-infrared/near mm wave polarizing spectrometer that provides important support for the low-frequency side of the Bruker 113V (2 - 100 cm-1). We also have a Perkin-Elmer Lambda-900 grating spectrometer which covers the near-infrared, optical, and ultra-violet regimes (4000 - 60000 cm-1). A reflectance / transmittance stage incorporates our open-flow cryostat for variable temperature measurements. Polarizers are available to cover the full frequency range of the instrument. A refurbished aluminum evaporator can be used to coat rough samples and correct for surface scattering. We recently acquired a 15 T superconducting magnet. Appropriate probe development is on-going. We also developed a 300 K photoconductivity setup to complement our optical properties work.

Bruker 113v, 15 T superconducting magnet, 300 K photoconductivity setup, Bruker equinox 55 with microscope, SPS-200, Perkin Elmer lambda-900