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TBRL conducts externally funded research through its two lab spaces: one located in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (John D. Tickle Building - First two photos below) and the other located at the National Transportation Research Center (NTRC - Last four photos below) . The laboratories are well equipped with the-state-of-the-art facilities to undertake a full range of structural tests. The size of the strong floor in the CEE facility is approximately 20 ft. x 46 ft., and the NTRC facility has a strong floor of about 20 ft. x 60 ft. Both facilities are served with overhead cranes.
fullscale test Tickle


The laboratories are maintained and staffed by full-time technicians who assist faculty with research involving the equipment. The availability of good equipment combined with the experience and expertise of the personnel who work in this facility allows the structural lab to handle any fabrication/testing program involving materials such as concrete, metal, wood, FRP and others.

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