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Advisees (2005 - Present)


Tom Berg

Ph.D., 2018 (Co-Advised by Dr. Sawhney)

Email: tberg1@vols.utk.edu

Disseration: Evaluation of the Application of Lean and Just-in-Time Information for Dynamic Decision-making to Reduce the Occurrence of Nurse Medication Administration Errors:  A Clinical Trial and Agent Based Modeling Approach

Employer: CNS/Y-12


Nayla Antypas

M.S., 2018

Email: nantypas@vols.utk.edu

Thesis title: Impact of Retailerís Centralized Purchasing Structure on Vendor Order Fulfillment: A Case Study Analysis

Employer: Nike


Zeyu Liu

Ph.D. Student (2018, Co-Advised by Dr. Khojandi)

Recipient of Tennessee Fellowship

Email: zliu65@vols.utk.edu


Velur Rajashekaran, Pradeep

M.S., 2018

Email: pvelurra@vols.utk.edu

Thesis title: A Systems Engineering Approach to a Just-In-Time intervention system


Nikhil Jagirdar

M.S., 2018

Email: njagirda@vols.utk.edu

Thesis title: Machine learning algorithm review and comparison in Healthcare application


Varisara Tansakul

M.S., 2017

Email: vtansaku@vols.utk.edu

Thesis title: The Use of EHR data in Early Detection Systems: A Case in Sepsis and In-Hospital Mortality Prediction


Rodney Kizito

Ph.D. Student (2017-)

Email: rodneykizito@gmail.com


Abdulrahman Enani

M.S., 2016

Email: abdulrahman.enani@gmail.com

Thesis title: A Collaborative Neural Network Forecasting Model


Mohammad Ramshani

Ph.D. Student (2015-)

Email: m.ramshani@gmail.com


Kelcee Elfstrom

M.S. , 2014

Thesis title: Using Predictive Modeling, Optimization, and Lean for Healthcare to Comply with the Affordable Care Act Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program

Employer: Ascension/Blount Memorial Hospital


Phillip Charles Scruggs

Ph.D. student (2016-)

MS/MBA Dual Degree Program (2016)

Email: pscrugg2@vols.utk.edu


Mohit Shukla

M.S. , 2016.

Thesis title: "Optimizing Cash Flows and Minimizing Simultaneous Turnovers in Operating Room Scheduling"

2nd Placed IIE Mobile App Competition

Recipient of Chancellor's 2016 Extraordinary Professional Promise

Employer: Maine Medcial Center



Kaike ("Carl") Zhang

Ph.D. , 2017

Recipient of ESPN Fellowship

Email: carl.zhang@utk.edu

Disseration: Efficient Algorithms for Solving Facility Problems with Disruptions

Employer: Monsanto


Colby Mattie

M.S., 2013.

Thesis title: Using Real-Time Location Systems & Simulation Modeling to Improve Healthcare

Employer: Amazon


Christopher J. Mears

Ph.D. student

Email: cmears@utk.edu


Shima Mohebbi

Ph.D. , 2015

Recipient of Chancellor's Extraordinary Professional Promise Award, 2013; DiscoveryE New Faces Award

Dissertation Title: "Collaborative Models for Supply Networks Coordination and Healthcare Consolidation"

Employer: University of Oklahoma


James B. Clegern

Ph.D., 2014

Dissertation Title: Strategic Technology Maturation and Insertion (STMI): a requirements guided, technology development optimization process

Test Group Director


Wang, Jiao

Jiao ("Jojo") Wang

Ph.D., 2011

Dissertation title: Revenue Management for Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock Systems

Recipient of UT Athletics Department Award, 2009

Employer: Amazon


Zhaoxia ("Elaine") Zhao

Ph.D., 2014

Recipient of UT SARIF Award, 2010

Dissertation title: Optimization of Healthcare Delivery System under Uncertainty: Schedule Elective Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgical Center and Schedule Appointment in an Outpatient Clinic

Intern: Disney; Employer: Home Depot


Yu ("Alison") Huang

Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation title: Empirical Analysis on Factors Impacting Mobile Learning Acceptance in Higher Engineering Education

Intern: Disney; Employer: IHG


Cong ("Simon") Guo

Ph.D. , 2014

Dissertation title: Effective Multi-echelon Inventory Systems for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation

Employer: Target


Chayawat ("Yo") Indranoi

Ph.D. student

Employer: UTMC/UTK

Recipient of UT SARIF Award, 2008

Chen, Yuerong

Yuerong Chen

Ph.D., 2009

Dissertation title: Scheduling for Service Stability and Supply Chain Coordination

Employer: PostDoc, Akron.

Recipient of Best Paper Award, IERC'07

Yang, Dengfeng

Dengfeng Yang

Ph.D. Graduate, 2009

Dissertation title: QoS Provision for Wireless Sensor Networks

Employer: Infor now; after being a PostDoc at Northwestern Univ.

Recipient of Best Paper Award, IERC'08

Song, Laigang

Laigang Song

Ph.D., 2009 (co-advisor: Dr. Garcia)

Dissertation title: Supply Chain Management with Demand Substitution

Employer: MPLNET, after INEX/ZAMIR

Recipient of Outstanding Graduate Student Award , I&IE '09.


Sirisha S. Nukala

Ph.D., 2008 (co-advisor: Dr. Sawhney)

Dissertation title: Demand Estimation at Manufacturer-Retailer Duo: A Macro-Micro Approach.

Employer: Nielson, after ORNL


Godswill Chukwugozie Nsfor

MS, 2006

Thesis title: Comparative Analysis of Predictive Data-Mining Techniques

Employer: Jtekt.com


Visiting Scholar

  • Rui Lu, 2018-2019. China.
  • Taynara Incerti, 2017-2018. Universidade Federal de Itajubá – UNIFEI, Brazil.
  • Shengchao Zhou, 2014-2015. University of Science and Technology of China.
  • Rafael Leme, 2014 ~ 2015. Universidade Federal de Itajubá – UNIFEI, Brazil.
  • Pedro Papandrea, 2014 ~ 2015. Universidade Federal de Itajubá – UNIFEI, Brazil.
  • Rui Xu, 2009 ~2010. University of Science and Technology of China.
  • Eui Soon Kim, 2007~2008. Korea Institute for Defense Analyses.

Dissertation/Thesis Committee of:

  • Ph.D. Students
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      • Clovia Hamilton, "A Tool Kit For Building Hbcu Technology Transfer Supply Chain Networks Using An Advanced Planning System", 2016. (ISE)
      • Fengkai Hu, "Real-time Voltage Stability Monitoring and Control for Load Areas: A Hybrid Approach", 2016. (EECS).
      • Xiaodong Wang, "Topology Design and Delay Control for Communication Networks in Smart Grid.", 2016. (EECS)
      • Kaveri Thakur, "Investigate and predict the influence of cultural dimensions on perception of safety among Hispanic and non-Hispanic construction workers in United States", 2015. (ISE)
      • Roger Fiske, "A Model for the Rapid Distribution of Critical Medical Countermeasures to Large U.S. Populations During a Public Health Emergency via the SNS-RSS-POD System", 2015. (ISE)
      • Tong Yue, "Data security and privacy in Smart Grids", 2015. (EECS)
      • Jianjiang Yang, "Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Short-term Traffic", 2015. (CEE)
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  • M.S. Students
      • Karson Stone, "An Analysis and Forecasting Model of Student Retention at UTK", 2018. (ISE)
      • Maryam Zokaeinikoo, "Automatic Sleep Stages Classification", 2016.
      • Faranak Fathi, "Prognostics-Based Two-Operator Competition for Maintenance and Service Part Logistics", 2011.
      • Amoldeep Singh Jaggi, "An experimental approach for RFID ready receiving and shipping", May 2011.
      • Seyed A. Niknam. "Diagnosis and Prognostic Modeling of High-speed Milling Cutters", 2011.
      • Michael Vanderlan, "Analyzing Supercomputer Utilization Under Queuing with a Priority Formula and a Strict Backfill Policy ", 2011.
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