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March 5, 2004

Greetings | Self-Introduction | Addressing |


Thai English Practice
Sawasdee Hello
Phom Chue (name) My name is
Chan Chue (name) My name is
Khun Chue Arai What is your name?
Yin-D-Tii-Dai-Roo-Jak Nice to meet you
Chen-Gun The same to you.
La-Gone Good Bye
Laew-Pob Gun Mai See you again


Self Introduction

Thai English Practice
Khun Ma Jaak Nhai Where do you come from?
Prathet America I’m from America
Ma Jaak Rut-Arai What state are you from?
Rut Tennessee Tennessee State
Khun Rian Yuu Tii-Nhai Where do you study/teach?
Khun Sorn Yuu Tii-Nhai Where do you study/teach?
Tii Maha-Witta-Yalai Tennessee University of Tennessee
Rian Yuu Ka-Na Arai What college do you study?
Sorn Tii Ka-Na Arai What college do you teach?
Ka-Na ______ _____College
Park Wicha______ _____Department
Rian Giao Gub Arai What is you study about?
Sorn Wi-Cha Arai What course/subject do you teach?
Rian Giao Gub____ study about ____
Sorn Wi-Cha____ teach ______course/subject



Thai English Practice
Sawasdee Hello
Phom I (male)
Chan I (female)
Khun You
Chue Name
Arai What
Yin-D Glad
Roo-Jak Know
Chen-Gun Same
La-Gone Good Bye
Laew Then, Adv.signifying completion of action
Pob-Gun Meet
Mai New, again, fresh
Jaak From
Ma Come
Nhai Where
Prathet Country
Rut State
Rian Study
Sorn Teach
Yuu Still, to be (present/stay/live) at
Maha-Witta-Yalai University
Tii At
Ka-Na College
Giao-Gub About
Arai What



Thai people call other people by their first names. The younger people or people with
lower status cannot call the older or people with higher status only by their first names.
They need to call them by their titles, which may be followed by their first names such as

Ajarn Steve (teacher Steve)
Pa Jackie (aunt Jackie)
Pii/Nong Amber (sister Amber)
Khun Michael (Mr./Ms.Michael)

“Pii” is used to address older people such as older siblings, older friends and older colleagues.
“Nong” is used to address people who are younger.
“khun” is the official and polite way to address both men and women. Also, it is used in front of the names of people of higher status, unfamiliar people, or colleagues. It is also used to formally address or refer to people.

Vocabulary as Requested

Thai English Practice
Phii A title used to address a person who is older than you
Nong A title used to address a person who is younger than you
Phood-Cha-Cha Noi Dai Mai Could you please speak slowly?
Mai-Khao-Jai Don't understand
Kana Kasetsart Agriculture College
Set-Ta-Saat Karn-Ka-Set Agricultural Economics
Bun-Na-Rak Librarian
Hong-Sa-Mut Khong Maha-Witta-Ya-Lai University Library

Dowlonad handout given in class (PDF file)