March 24, 2004

Giving and Understanding Directions (Continued)

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Hotel Building 1 Bus Stop Road 4 School Temple Police Station Road 3 Parking  Lot Restaurant Gas Station Post Office Bank

Note: Move your mouse to point on the word to see the meaning. Then click on each word to hear pronunciation.


Referring to Map A, practice giving directions by repeating the following sentences.

Thai and English Sentences Practice
Sa-Ta-Nee Tam-Ruad Yuu Thang Tai Khong Rong-Rian
The police station is south of the school  
Wat Yuu Thang Tawan-Aok Khong Rong-Rian
The temple is east of the school  
Thii-Jod-Rod Yuu Thang Tawan-Tok Khong Ran-R-Harn
The parking lot is west of the restaurant  
Paay-Rod-May Yuu Khang Tuek Neung
The bus stop is next to Building One  
Tuek-Neung Yuu Trong Kham Praay-Sa-Nee
Buiding one is opposite to the post office  
Praay-Sa-Nee Yuu Thang Khwa Khong Pump-Num-Mun
The post office is to the right of the gas station  
Pump-Num-Mun Yuu Thang Sai Khong Praay-Sa-Nee
The gas station is to the left of the post office  
Tha-Na-Karn Yuu Thii Hua-Mum Thanon Sam Kub Thanon See
The bank is on the corner of Road 3 and Road 4  


Activity for Map B and Map C

Give one map to your partner and keep the other map. Without looking at each other's maps, take turns asking for the locations of the places listed above the map by using the following sentence structure.

Place + Yuu Thii Nai?

  • Write the names of the places in the appropriate boxes on the map. Continue doing this until all the boxes on the map are filled.
  • Compare the maps.

Map B

Where are the following places?
1. Raan-R-Harn
2. Thii Jod-Rod
3. Tuek Neung
4. Rong-Ram Song
5. Rong-Rian Song


Map C

Where are the following places?
1. Tha-Na-Karn
2. Rong-Rian Neung
3. Tuek Song
4. Paay Rod-May Song
5. Praay-Sa-Nee Song

Bus Stop 1 Post Office 1 School 1 Gas Station 2 Building 2 Gas Station 1 Bank Hotel 1 Bus Stop 2 Post Office 2

Parking Lot Bus Stop 1 Restaurant Post Office 1 Gas Station 2 Gas Station Building 1 Hotel 1 Hotel 2 School 2 Top


Sentence Practice
Ran-R-Harn Yuu Thii Nai
Where is the restaurant?  
Tha-Na-Karn Yuu Thii Nai
Where is the bank?  


Activity for Map D (Animation required flash player, click here for plug-in if you don't see the movie).

Click the button at the lower right corner to start the animation. In the green area, the text will appear as the car moves. Keep clicking until the car arrives the Green Hotel.


Practice speaking the sentences from the animation

Sentence Practice
Trong-Pai Khang Naa Bon Thanon Neung
Go straight ahead on Street 1  
Tueng See-Yaek, Trong Pai
When you reach the intersection, go straight ahead  
Kham-Thang Rot-Fai
Cross the railroad tracks  
Liaw-Sai, Trong Pai
Turn left and go straight ahead  
Turn right  
Karm Sa-Paan, Trong Pai
Cross the bridge and go straight ahead  
Tueng Thanon-Song, Liaw Sai
Until you reach Street 2, Turn left  
Rong-Ram Green Yuu Khang Naa
Green Hotel is in front of you  

Note: Move your mouse to point on the word to see the meaning. Then click on each word to hear pronunciation.

Hotel Green Street 2 Bridge Hospital intersection street 1 railroad tracks you are here

Click here to download the class handout (PDF).