Menuhin Recordings

Soon after Lumiere made his portraits of Yehudi Menuhin, Yehudi returned to his home in California. On March 15, 1928 the 12-year-old "Master Menuhin," made his first four recordings for the Victor Talking Machine Company in Oakland, CA. The first was issued on a 10-inch, 78 rpm disc and listed in the 1929 catalogs of Victor Records as a "Red Seal" release selling for $1.50 US ($1.75 CAN). The 20-second sample below is from one of these recordings, "Allegro" by J. H. Fiocco. Menuhin is accompanied by Louis Persinger at the piano (Victor 1329-B). Interestingly, the Victor Catalogs illustrated the Menuhin entries with photos by Lumiere. As a reward for his day's work, Menuhin's parents took him to see 'The Jazz Singer,' the first talking film, with Al Jolson.

Hear what all the fuss was about!

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Last revised: 18 October 2000