Study Questions Chapts. 9 & 10

  1. Describe two specific ways in which the work of Charles Darwin impacted psychology. Make sure that your answers apply to psychology in particular.

  2. Galton was a man of firsts. Describe three things that Galton was the first to use, do, or say.

  3. James McKeen Cattell is described as psychology’s great publisher, promoter, and businessman. Give evidence to support each of these three qualities.

  4. Angell summarized the differences between Functionalism and Structuralism in his APA presidential address. What did he say?

  5. What modification did Woodworth propose to the standard S-R paradigm? What was his criticism of the paradigm, and how was his modification going to improve upon it?

  6. Describe one of Thorndike’s learning experiments with cats. Include an explanation of the law of effect. What did his critics complain about?

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