Study Questions Chapts. 8

  1. Phillipe Pinel is a champion of psychiatric reform. Describe his four principles of moral treatment. When possible, include examples of how he implemented these principles.

  2. Describe the development of the prefrontal lobotomy and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). What rationale or observation led to each of these techniques? How did the techniques change over time as new information and technology became available?

  3. What impact does Freud continue to have on psychology today? Which of his contributions are still a part of the discipline, and which have since faded?

  4. What were the contributions of Lightner Witmer that led him to be credited with establishing clinical psychology?

  5. Describe three early "cures" for mental illness. Be sure to include a description of the rationale behind each cure and mention whether or not they exist in any form today.

  6. Describe the recommendations of Shakow's 1941 and 1945 reports on training in clinical psychology.

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