Study Questions Chapts. 7

  1. One of the first topics of research by Gestalt psychologists was apparent motion. What is apparent motion? How is it created? What was its significance to the Gestaltists?

  2. Describe the differences between Köhlers insight learning and Thorndikes trial-and-error learning. What were the main differences in the experiments set up by these researchers?

  3. What is topological psychology? Describe its major elements and the sorts of questions examined in this field of research. How is it an example of Gestalt psychology?

  4. What contributions did Tamara Dembo make to Gestalt psychology? Include in your answer a description of two different areas of research in which she was involved.

  5. Describe Lewin's research on leadership styles. Which styles did he investigate, what population did he use, and what conclusions did he reach?

  6. Why does Koehler not regard caution and a critical spirit as the most important virtues of a scientist?

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