Study Questions Chapts. 5 & 6

  1. Titchener believed that there were three tasks facing psychology as a science of the mind. What were these tasks? How did Titchener divide his time among the three tasks?

  2. Describe the career of Margaret Floy Washburn. Include information about her schooling, her research interests, and the progression of her career.

  3. Describe three areas under the heading of forensic psychology that Münsterberg contributed to. Give specific information about his findings or recommendations. How did the legal profession react to his work?

  4. What is psychophysics? Name and describe three measures utilized in psychophysics and describe how each one is determined in an experiment.

  5. Ebbinghaus used one basic procedure for most of his experiments. Describe this procedure. Explain three major findings that came out of this research. What has been a recent criticism of the Ebbinghaus procedure?

  6. How were psychological acts investigated by Külpe and his colleagues? Give specific examples of the sorts of research conducted in his laboratory.

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