Study Questions Chapts. 4

  1. Name three areas of psychology that Wundt did research in. For each area, describe an example of his method and a statement of what he (or his students) found.

  2. Why is Wundt considered the founder of psychology and what reason did Wundt have for suggesting that psychology was founded in 1879?

  3. Describe the roles of Maskelyne, Kinnebrook, Bessel, and Donders in the history of the measure of reaction times.

  4. Describe the "double aspect" resolution of the mind-body problem and Wundt's position.

  5. Why is Donders often called the founder of cognitive psychology? What research did he do and how is it relevant to modern research?

  6. In what ways did chemistry provide a practical and theoretical resource for Wundt's experimental psychology?

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