Study Questions Chapts. 3

  1. Name two techniques used in the 19th century to investigate the brain. Associate at least one person with each technique and describe that personís specific contribution(s).

  2. Phrenology was controversial even when it was popular. Describe two reasons why it was controversial and also expleain two positive consequences of phrenology.

  3. What are "nature's experiments?" Describe two such experiments discussed in the text and explain both the pros and cons of this technique.

  4. Describe Helmholtz's greatest achievement. How did this achievement support Helmholtz's mechanistic view of the human body?

  5. Describe Tan's symptoms at the time of his death at Bicêtre.

  6. What is an aphasia? Name two areas in the brain which lead to aphasias when damaged and describe how and by whom these areas were discovered.

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