Study Questions Chapt. 13 & Epilogue

  1. Describe the original latent learning studies. What differed across conditions, and how did this manipulation affect behavior. What did Tolman infer from this research?

  2. Hull had research interests in three distinct areas of psychology. Name the three areas and state a contribution that he made to each.

  3. How is the Skinner Box an improvement over Thorndike's trial-and-error box? What dependent variable was popularized by Skinner box research?

  4. Describe three significant advances in knowledge during the past century concerning the biological aspects of psychological phenomena.

  5. What trends emerge from a study of publications in the field of Psychology over the last 50 years?

  6. Explain Guthrie's statement, "There is excellent reason for believing that both reward and punishment are effective by virtue of what they make the animal do, not simply by virtue of their own nature."

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