Study Questions Chapts. 12

  1. What were Pavlovís views on the causes of neuroses? What experiments led him to an interest in this area? Did he apply this to humans?

  2. Why did Watson ask for "a dozen healthy infants?" What did he say he would/could do with them? How is this related to his behaviorism?

  3. "Psychology, as the behaviorist [Watson] views it, is a purely objective, experimental branch of natural science which needs introspection as little as do the sciences of chemistry and physics." Discuss.

  4. How did Pavlov make use of Hippocrates' theory of four humors?

  5. Why did Watson believe advertising was a field he was particularly well suited for? What contributions and innovations did he bring to the world of advertising?

  6. Who was Edwin Twitmyer? Describe the research that he conducted that is relevant to behaviorism.

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