Study Questions Chapts. 1 & 2

  1. Explain Aristotle's theory of memory.

  2. How do the philosophies of rationalism and empiricism differ? Name at least one individual who supported each, and offer evidence to support your choice.

  3. Describe one of the following: Zeno’s paradox of motion, Democritus’ theory of perception, Hippocrates’ theory of thirst. Include in your description why it is relevant to modern psychology.

  4. Describe two specific contributions of Galileo. How does Galileo's legacy live on in psychology and other scientific disciplines?

  5. Two major scientists of the Renaissance era were from England: Newton and Harvey. Describe what each of these men did and explain how they changed the perspectives of future scientists.

  6. Compare and contrast the positions of nativism, empiricism, and associationism. Name a key figure of each position.

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