Study Questions Chapts. 11 & 12

  1. What was the controversy about between Binet at La Salpêtrière and Liébault at Nancy? What phenomena were they examining, what positions did the two make, and who was ultimately correct?

  2. In what ways was the Army Testing Program of WWI a success for psychology? In what ways was the program a failure? In your judgment, was it more of a success or a failure? Why?

  3. Two people in Chapter 11 have been accused of deliberately altering their data. Who were they, and what data were they accused of altering? What alternative explanations have been offered to perhaps excuse these seeming alterations?

  4. What were Pavlov’s views on the causes of neuroses? What experiments led him to an interest in this area? Did he apply this to humans?

  5. What were Watson’s specific complaints about structuralism and functionalism? How was his behaviorism better? How and when did he introduce behaviorism?

  6. Why did Watson ask for “a dozen healthy infants”? What did he say he would/could do with them? How is this related to his behaviorism?

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