Study Questions: Chapts. 1 & 2

  1. Name and describe three kinds of pre-scientific psychological services offered to the public during the 19th Century.

  2. What interests and beliefs did Gall, Spurzheim, Combe and the Fowler brothers have in common?

  3. Describe the influence that "Mind Healing" or "Mind-Cure Therapy" had upon two prominant and influential Americans.

  4. Who wrote the first American textbook in psychology and what was its subject matter?

  5. Name two British Empiricists and two Scottish Realists and describe the major difference between the tennants of British Empiricism and Scottish Realism.

  6. What do you make of McCosh's (1874) comments about Darwin?

  7. Describe the work of Pierre Flourens and Paul Broca relevant to the theory of cortical localization.

  8. Explain the "law of specific nerve energies." Who is credited with its discovery?

  9. Helmholtz maintained that the speed of nerve conductance was measureable and considerably slower than the speed of light. What kinds of research did this realization lead to?

  10. What was the insight that Fechner had on October 22, 1850, and what did it lead to?

  11. Describe two psychophycical theories attributed to Helmholtz.

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