Theories of Personality

Psychology 470


Psychology 470 Paper
Theories of Personality

Psychology 470


Choose one of the following tests and review its use, status and its relationship to a theory of personality. Your paper should:

  1. Describe the test--what is/are the task(s) that are required of a participant?
  2. How does the test relate to a theory of personality?
  3. How is performance on the test interpreted?
  4. What is test supposed to reveal about personality?
  5. What is the reliability of the test?
  6. For what purpose(s) is/are the test valid?
  7. What are important criticisms of the test?
  8. What is the current status of the test?

Each paper is to be typed, double-spaced and submitted unfolded, stapled without a cover but with a cover page giving your name and the title of your paper. Be sure to provide a "Reference" section where you cite the sources of the information that you have used. Please note that the project is due at class time on the date given in the syllabus. The paper counts 10 percent of your final grade.

Suggested Tools and Resources:

PsycINFO Database Search

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Tests in Print

The Cult of Personality --Paul

Theories of Personality-- Ryckman

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