Story Interpretation

A Drowning Incident, by C. J. McCarthy

(A). List and submit your answers the following questions. (B). Then write a brief summary of the short story consistent with your answers to the questions.

1. Why did the boy run for the woodshed?

2. Why was the boy not to go far away?

3. How did the boy know that the puppies had gone to a new home last week?

4. What did the boy see at the little bridge?

5. Why did the boy start up the creek?

6. What did he see in the pool near the pike bridge?

7. What caused the boy’s “great hollow feeling” and “slow mounting sense of outrage?"

8. Why did the boy avoid Suzy when he returned home?

9. Who coughed in the house?

10. Who was in the bedroom?

11. What did the boy do with the puppy? Why did he do it?

12. Was the “sleeping figure” a boy or girl?

13. Who is the boy waiting for to come home?

14. How do you explain the boy’s mother’s actions?

15. How do you explain the boy’s actions?

16. What will happen next?

17. What is the meaning of the story?

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