Theories of Personality

Psychology 470 Project


This project will require that you keep a dream log or dream diary for four weeks. You will be expected to record your dreams on a daily basis. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, consult with the class instructor immediately. You will need to complete the project to the best of your ability.

In addition you are asked to perform a simple experiment with respect to your dreaming. First, pick a person that you cannot remember dreaming about previously. Record this person's name on the first page of your log or diary. Do not attempt to dream about the person for the first week, but record on a daily basis if you do or not. Then during the second week of the project, make a serious attempt to incorporate the person into your dreams. Record in your log or diary what you did to try to dream of the person and whether or not you were successful on a daily basis. During the third week, again make no effort to dream of the person and continue to record your success or failure. And again during the fourth week again attempt to incorporate the person into your dreams while continuing to record the results of your efforts. After recording your dreams and conducting the above experiment, write a brief report of your activities describing the procedures that you used and the results/observations that you made. In addition to your observed results, you are expected to discuss the specific problems encountered in doing this project, and what you have learned about yourself during the course of this project. That is, what is the relationship between your personality and your dreams?

Each paper is to be typed, double-spaced and submitted unfolded, stapled without a cover but with a cover page giving your name and the title of your paper. You do not need to hand-in your diary or log.

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