Abnormal Psychology

Psychology 330


Each paper requires that you read a recent research article (within the past 3-years, i.e., between 2002 and 2005) from one of the following journals available in the library.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Behaviour Research and Therapy

Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry

Behavior Therapy

Journal of Clinical Psychology

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

American Journal of Psychiatry

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied

The article must be a report of a research study in which data were collected, presented and analyzed. (For example, it cannot be a review, letter to the editor, or conceptual article.)

Summarize the article in one page and respond to the following four questions:

  1. What did you think of the article?
  2. What did you learn from the article?
  3. How did the article relate to topics presented in the textbook or in class?
  4. What interesting questions did the article raise for you?

Type your article summary (which must be different from the article’s abstract) and answers to the four questions (double-spaced) on not more than two-pages. Your full name should appear at the top-left corner of the first page. Staple the pages together. No cover page or folder of any sort is necessary or desired (save paper and expense). Grammar and spelling are important. Each paper will count 5 percent of the course grade. Include a photocopy of the article that you are writing about. The papers are due on the dates indicated in the syllabus.

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