Wes Morgan

Donald F. Bowling

          Donald Frederick Bowling was born on January 5, 1933. He was a student at St. Mary’s Parochial School in McCarthy’s class and lived across the street from the school with his widowed mother. He attended Knoxville Catholic High School but evidently did not graduate with his class. On March 24, 1959, a report in the Cincinnati, Ohio newspaper indicated that Donald was found dead on his bed with a gunshot wound in his head and a revolver in his right hand. However, two days later the first newspaper report in Knoxville indicated that Donald had been killed during a target practice accident in Cincinnati. A few days later the Hamilton County, OH, coroner’s office ruled that the death was a suicide even though no suicide note was ever discovered. Donald is buried in National Cemetery and both Jim and Joe (Junior) Long served as pallbearers at Donald’s funeral.

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Wesley G. Morgan, Ph.D.

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