My Research

Abstracts of Published and Working Papers

  • "Majority Cartels, Distributive Politics,and Inter-party relations in a unidimensional legislature: the Argentine chamber of deputies." (with Mark P. Jones) Published in AJPS (2005).

  • "War, Power, and Bargaining" (with William Reed, David Clark, & Timorthy Nordstrom) Published in JoP (2008).

  • "Government and Opposition in Argentine Congress, 1989-2007: Understanding Inter-Party Dynamics Through Roll Call Vote Analysis." (with Mark Jones & Juan Pablo Micozzi) Published in JPLA (2009)

  • "Diverting the Legislature: Executive-Legislative Relations, the Economy, and U.S. Dispute Initiation." (with David Brule) Published in ISQ (2010)

  • "Power, Preferences, and Multiple Levels of Interstate Conflict." Published in International Interactions (2010)

  • "Economic Integration, Trade Blocs, and Preference Convergence." Published in Journal of Peace Studies (2010)

  • "The Split Population Logit: Modeling Measurement Bias in Binary Data." (with Andreas Beger, Jacqueline Demeritt, and Will H. Moore)

  • "A Multilevel Analysis of International Politics: Polarity and War."

  • "Endogenous Demands & Conflict Onset." (with William Reed)

  • "Inequality Within Countries, Political Cost, And Strategic Decisions."

  • "Democracy, Winning Coalition, and Income Inequality."

  • "Capital Market Liberalization, Initial Conditions, and Growth"