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Katie Morris
The Globalized City: Globalization and Development in Knoxville, Tennessee (expected December 2012) Jon Shefner (Chair), Stephanie Bohon, Paul K. Gellert, Bruce Wheeler (History) Urban Sociology, Political Economy, Globalization, Development, Environment
Aaron Rowland “How Left a Turn? Neoliberalism, Inequality, and Social Policies in Latin America.” (expected Summer 2013) Jon Shefner (chair), Paul K. Gellert, Harry F. Dahms, and Jana Morgan (Political Science) Political Economy, Social Movements, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Political Sociology and Ideology, Globalization, Development (Latin America), Environmental Sociology and Environmental Movements, Qualitative Research Methods, Social Justice
Jennifer L. Schally
Agent of Harm or Good Corporate Citizen?: The Case of Tyson Foods Lois Presser (Chair), Michelle Brown, Sherry Cable, Elizabeth Strand (Veterinary Social Work), Avi Brisman (Justice Studies @ EKU) Animal Harm, Green Criminology, Victimology, Criminological Theory
Tobin Walton
Self, Society, & Environment in the 21st Century:  The Development and Assessment of an Ecological Identity Scale Robert E. Jones (Chair), Suzanne Kurth, R. Scott Frey,  John Nolt (Philosophy), George Pasdirtz (UW-Madison, Retired) Environmental Sociology: Social Psychology, Research Methods/Statistics, Political Economy & Theory



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