Department of Sociology

Graduate Students

Name Degree Sought Areas of Interest Email
Landon Bevier Ph.D. Criminology; Culture & Media; State Crime; Political Discourse; Gender & Sexual Violence; Theory
Lauren Copley Ph.D. Criminology
Joel Crombez M.A. Theory, Political Economy
Sylvia Duluc-Silva M.A. Environmental Sociology
Elizabeth East Ph.D. Environmental Sociology, Extractive Industries, Climate Change, Social Movements/Social Change, Political Sociology, Alternative Pedagogies
Ahmet Fidan Ph.D. Crime, Intimate partner violence, Quantitative Methods, Gender, Family, and Religion
Katherine Gerlaugh Ph.D. Political Economy kgerlaug
Nicholas Hauman Ph.D. Theory, Political Economy
Nuray Karaman Ph.D. Political economy
Daniel Lai Ph.D. Criminology
Jenna Lamphere M.A. Environmental Sociology
Rhiannon Leebrick Ph.D. Environment and Political Economy
Kyle Letteney M.A. Criminology
Grady Lowery Ph.D. Environmental Sociology
Sara Malley Ph.D. Environmental Sociology; Animals and Society; Social Movements
Zachary McKenney M.A. Political Economy
Katherine Morris Ph.D. Political Economy
Planning to complete PhD this year; for further information including CV, see On the Market page.
Douglas Oeser M.A. Criminology
Steven Panageotou M.A. Political Economy
Damien Pitts M.A. Political Economy
Abigail Randall Ph.D. Political Economy, Environment
Jennifer Schally Ph.D. Criminology
Julie Shelton Ph.D. Criminology
Jeremy Smith Ph.D. Criminology
Anthony Stachowiak M.A. Environmental Sociology
Kayla Stover M.A. Environmental Sociology
William Vaughan Taylor M.A. Political Economy
Amy van der Hoeven M.A. Criminology, race/ethnicity and crime; the ethical, legal, and social issues associated with forensic DNA; human rights violations; Native American crime; domestic violence
Darrell Walsh Ph.D. Political Economy
Tobin Walton Ph.D. Environmental Sociology
Planning to complete PhD this year; for further information including CV, see On the Market page.
Benjamin Webster M.A. Criminology
Shannon Williams Ph.D. Political Economy
Wenna Zhao Ph.D.


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