Department of Sociology

Graduate Courses

410 Sociology of Culture (3)

Examination of the role of culture in human social life from various theoretical perspectives. Exploration of social foundations of differentiation based on lifestyle and taste.

431 Applied Sociological Research (3)

Survey of advanced topics in sociological research, and hands-on application of research methods. (RE) Prerequisite(s): 331. Comment(s): Encouraged for students interested in graduate school. Required for sociology honors students.

446 The Modern World System (3)

Critical examination of the capitalist world system as a social system, its coherence, boundaries, regions, member groups, cleavages, patterns of conflict. Analysis of who gets what, why, and how in the global political economy. Writing emphasis course.

449 Juvenile Delinquency and Social Policy (3)

This course examines the historical and contemporary nature and social contexts of juvenile delinquency, as well as theoretical explanations of and social reactions to delinquency in American society.

451 Criminal Justice (3)

A critical assessment of the criminal justice apparatus and its components. Brief examination of the police, with most of the emphasis on the criminal courts and institutions and programs such as the prison, probation, and parole. Analysis of their operations and impacts. Prior completion of 350 is recommended.

452 Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice (3)

Examines racial/ethnic disparities in criminal offending and victimization, as well as different experiences with law enforcement, judicial, and correctional agencies. Emphasis on social justice. (Same as Africana Studies 456.)

453 Gender and Crime (3)

Probes the gendered nature of offending, victimization and criminal justice. Examines the different experiences of males and females, and theories that attempt to explain these differences.

455 Law and Society (3)

How laws and legal processes are affected by social change, the social impact of legal sanctions, relations between law and social justice. Writing-emphasis course. (Same as Legal Studies 455.)

456 Punishment and Society (3)

Examines theories and practices of punishment, including imprisonment, capital punishment, transnational penal trends, and social policy alternatives.

463 Community Sociology (3)

The environment shapes human interactions and human interactions shape the construction of environments. This course explores how individuals construct and participate in communities.

465 Social Values and the Environment (3)

Human dimensions of ecosystem management and public policy. An applied focus on how social values are activated within specific biophysical and social settings. Prereq: 110 or 120 or consent of instructor. Writing emphasis course.

466 Issues in Race and Ethnicity (3)

Survey of advanced topics in the sociological study of race and ethnicity.

500 Thesis (1-15)

P/NP only.

502 Registration for Use of Facilities (1-15)

Required for the student not otherwise registered during any semester when student uses University facilities and/or faculty time before degree is completed. May not be used toward degree requirements. May be repeated. S/NC only.

503 Foundations of Environmental Sociology (3)

Systematic treatment of current research in environmental sociology. Social impact analysis and conflicts over environmental issues.

504 Sociological Foundations of Political Economy (3)

Survey of contemporary sociological theories of political economy, sources of political and economic power and conflict.

505 Foundations of Criminology (3)

Critical overview of contemporary developments in criminology, theories of crime causation and theories of responses to crime. Prereq: 350 or equivalent.

506 Sociology and Social Justice (2)

Provides a graduate level introduction to the discipline of sociology, especially in the department’s areas of strength. Examines sociological perspectives on social justice; the relationship between sociology and society, including public policy; and public sociology and praxis.  Required of new graduate students.

510 Professional Preparation (1)

A variety of one-credit seminars that offer training in specific aspects of professional socialization. May be repeated. Maximum of 6 hours. Satisfactory/No Credit grading only.

511 Pedagogy and Graduate Instruction (1)

Methods and materials related to teaching and learning of sociology. Required of all new graduate students.

521 Sociological Theory I (3)

Assessment of what sociological theory is; its major figures and their approaches to understanding society.

531 Research Methods in Sociology (3)

Research design, measurement, sampling, quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques, data, reduction, and analysis.

533 Philosophy of Social Science (3)

541 Collective Behavior, Social Movements, Social Change (3)

Basic theory and research on conditions of social unrest in human collectivities and efforts of collectives to change existing society.

543 Sociology of Development and Globalization (3)

Sociological theories and studies of development: modernization, colonialism, dependency; comparative impact of various development paths upon selected aspects of social structure and change.

562 Sociology of Environmental Policy (3)

Examines the history of environmental use and environmental protection; the policy process; the institutional and cultural barriers to improved environmental policies; and potential policies for sustainability.

591 Foreign Study (1-15)

See College of Arts and Sciences.

592 Off-Campus Study (1-15

See College of Arts and Sciences.

593 Independent Study (1-15)

See College of Arts and Sciences.

599 Readings (3)

Selected topics. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.

600 Doctoral Research and Dissertation (3-15) P/NP only.

Doctoral Research and Dissertation.

621 Sociological Theory II (3)

Distinct schools of sociological theory and contributions of their principal exponents.

629 Supplementary Readings in Sociological Theory (3)

Individual guidance. Preparation for comprehensive examination. Prereq: Consent of instructor. S/NC only.

631 Advanced Quantitative Methods (3)

Advanced multivariate analysis using computer software applications. Emphasis on regression techniques including ordinary least squares, logistic, ordered logic, and multinomial logistic.  Introduction to other advanced techniques such as path analysis, multilevel modeling, and cluster analysis.

633 Survey Design and Analysis (3)

Systematic exploration of survey problems through student participation in design and analysis of survey. Prereq: 531 or consent of instructor. (Same as Child and Family Studies 633.)

636 Field Research (3)

Research experience in selected field sites using techniques of interviewing, participant observation, and other methods of field research. Prereq: 531 or consent of instructor.

638 Comparative Historical Sociology

Examines methodological issues in comparative historical sociology through classic and recent exemplars, archival research, and comparative and historical research.

639 Supplemental Readings in Methodology (3)

Individual guidance. Preparation for comprehensive examination.  Prereq: Consent of Department. S/NC only.

640 Discourse Analysis (3)

Foundations in the analysis of language, narrative, and meaning making in social life, including approaches to conversation, textual, archival, critical discourse, and genealogical research.

644 Political Sociology (3)

Critical examination of theories of state and political processes.

645 Advanced Studies in Political Economy (3)

Topical seminar. Prereq: 504 or consent of instructor. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.

649 Supplementary Readings (3)

Prereq: Consent of department. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs. S/NC only.

652 Law and Society (3)


654 Criminal Justice Theories (3)

Critical overview of theories of criminal justice policy and theories of crime control behaviors by institutions and individuals (criminal justice agents).

655 Advanced Studies in Criminology (3)

Intensive examination of selected topics in criminology. Recommended prereq: 505. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.

661 Environmental Theory (3)

Historical and contemporary studies of interaction between humans and their environment. Prereq: Consent of instructor.

665 Advanced Studies in Environmental Sociology (3)

Topical seminar covering particular lines of research and theory within area. Prereq: Consent of instructor. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.

674 Identity and Society (3)

Selected contemporary research issues related to social psychological theories. Prereq: 541 or consent of instructor. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.

695 Advanced Special Topics (3)

Topic of special interest or student-initiated courses that will not be regularly offered. Prereq: Consent of department. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.

699 Tutorials in Advanced Topics (3)

Individual instruction. Prereq: Consent of department. May be repeated. Maximum 6 hrs.


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