About Us

Membership in the club is open to all certified divers affiliated with the University of Tennessee (faculty, student, and staff). Open water certification classes are offered during the fall and spring semesters for those who wish to learn to dive. The club has divers with all levels of certification ranging from recently certified open water divers to those certified as rescue divers, technical divers or instructors.

The UT SCUBA Club provides an environment where divers congregate to help each other learn and have fun while diving. The club has approximately 22 full sets of gear (regulators with console, BCs, and weight belts). The club also has hoods, gloves, lights, dive flags, Nitrox computers, masks, snorkels, fins, and a limited number of wetsuits. The club owns over forty tanks and can provide compressed air and Nitrox up to 40% O2 to its members. The gear is available to all members for their use and may be checked our for personal trips in addition to club functions.

Membership has other benefits. The club has a wide array of divers with which to buddy. On club trips some part of the costs are picked up by the club. This can range from part of the boat rental fee to air fill costs. Additionally, the club has begun a tradition of having cookouts at larger local dives.

Membership is open to any UT affiliate (student, faculty, or staff) with diving certification. Dues are $85 per calendar year or $55 per semester if you need to use the clubs gear. If you have your own gear then dues are $30 per calendar year. Members must remain active to retain the privilege of gear use.

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