You know you want one. . .
a UT license plate in South Carolina!

Ever get stuck in traffic behind someone with a UGA or Florida license plate? Are you wondering "Does UT have one of those?" Well, our time has come. Let's build the "Vol Nation" here in South Carolina.

The University of Tennessee Alumni Chapters in the state of South Carolina, with the help of many of your fellow alums, are working to make the dream of a "Power T" plate a reality, but we need your help!

What do can you do to make this a reality?

Please fill out the online form and click "submit". You are joining sharing with us that you are interested in obtaining a "Power T" license plate in South Carolina.

We need 400 people to be willing to purchase a plate to put on a car. Currently, the design of the plate, shown above, and the application for the creation of the “Power T” license plate is being reviewed by the State of South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. Once we have their approval of the plate, we will be in touch with those who have completed the online form directly with the information about how to purchase a plate at that time.

Visit to join the campaign!

For more information contact Bill Neal at

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