UTK Education Panel Table


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Interest groupPrimary mission of universityHighest good providedFocus of accountability How knowledge is viewedRole of studentsRole of faculty Role of administration
AlumniRepository of knowledge and traditionRespect as a graduateOccupational success The understanding gained from experienceThe next generation Mentors Institutional representatives; fund raisers
Legislators and other government officials Teaching, research, and service Increased educational and economic level of stateCost efficiency of student outcomes Facts, analyses, and experiences The product of the university State employees; authoritative sources of knowledge Managers and leaders
ParentsCareer preparationSocial and economic enhancement of graduates Successful student performance A ticket to social and economic mobilityLearnersTeachers; surrogate parentsFinancial monitors; monitors of faculty
Potential employersEvaluation and provision of credentials for graduates Provision of well-trained potential employeesEffective job performance of graduatesA necessity to keep competitiveTrainees; potential employees and colleagues Trainers and evaluators Quality controllers; liaisons
Professional disciplinesTeaching, research, and service in tradition of disciplineAdvancement of knowledge through an intellectual community Contribution of new knowledgeA source of power that is valuable for its own sakeProteges; future colleagues Generators and guardians of knowledge; socializers of new members of discipline Facilitators
Public service clienteleService (practical problem solution) Solution of the problem Responsiveness to service requestsA resource for solving an immediate problemJunior counterpartsInformation providersSuppliers of service providers
Research sponsors Research and development Profitable discoveries Quality and timeliness of project deliverables The property of the sponsor for short-term application Cheap labor; potential employeesGenerators of new knowledge and technologyProject monitors
StudentsProvision of credentials and an enjoyable college experienceEasier and better life Satisfaction with experience; job placement A means to a better job and a better lifeConsumers Trainers and entertainers Supervisors of the faculty
Taxpayers Teaching Reduction in cost of education to publicCost A means to a better economy and a good society Potential skilled workersDedicated teachersManagers who ensure accountability and efficient use of tax dollars
University administrators Dispensing of knowledge through teaching, research, and servicePerception as providing valuable public service Satisfaction of multiple interest groups The outcome being providedThe primary clients Employees responsible for achieving program recognitionChief executive officers


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