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Experience Learning Courses (N, R, and S Designations)

Experience Learning Courses (N, R, and S Designations) are those that have passed a detailed review process and have been determined to meet specific criteria. Approved courses receive a clear identifier to indicate the type of Experience Learning a student can expect from the course. This identifier appears in the catalog, on the schedule of classes (timetable), and on the student’s transcript as part of the course number. The three types of Experience Learning course designations currently available at the University of Tennessee are Internship (N), Research (R), and Service Learning (S). The identifying letter is part of the course number as in ABCD 310X, where ABCD is the subject, 310 is the course number, and X is one of the three course designations.

Subcommittee Chairs
Stephanie Kit, Internship
Marisa Moazen, Undergraduate Research
Kelly Ellenburg, Service-Learning

Course Review and Approval Process

DEADLINE for proposals is October 15, 2017.

Proposals for Experience Learning Course Designation (N, R, or S) must be submitted through the host college’s standard curricular approval process. The designated college representative then submits any proposals that have received college-level approval to Molly Sullivan, Coordinator III, Curriculum and Catalog, no later than the deadline noted above.

Experience Learning Course Proposal Instructions and Forms

Definitions of EL Courses (where ABCD stands for academic discipline)

Equivalency of EL Courses

1. For Registration, Repeat, and Replacement

Each designation of the course will be equivalent to the other designations, as defined in Banner.

General Repeat Policies and Grade Replacement Policies apply, as applicable.

2. For Curricular Requirements

Each college can determine if a particular version of a course is required for a specific program. For example, some departments may require only the R designation, or one R and one S. (Note that Banner will consider these courses equivalent, but DARS can make a distinction between the courses.)

Prerequisites for/of EL Courses

Because the designated and non-designated courses are defined as equivalents, requiring one version as a Registration Enforced (RE) Prerequisite to a course also allows all other versions of that prerequisite course to be acceptable.

A department may choose to require a specific designated course as a Department Enforced (DE) Prerequisite. Departmental enforcement can be handled by placing a Permission on the course to prevent initial registration without review, or at the start of the term by monitoring the class roster to determine eligibility of those who have registered.

Catalog Description for EL Courses

The designated course may refer to the non-designated course with an additional statement describing the designation or may have a distinct description.

(Note that this is an example and not a required course description. Departments may choose to describe the course as they think best, but text that emphasizes the internship, research, or service-learning nature of the course is strongly encouraged.)



Questions? Contact:
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