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General Education Committee 2017-2018

Elected UG Council Members
Richard Bennett, Tickle College of Engineering
Erin Darby, College of Arts and Sciences
Marleen Davis, College of Architecture and Design
Nadia Fomin, College of Arts and Sciences
Drew Paul, College of Arts and Sciences
Delores Smith, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Amanda Warren, Haslam College of Business
Ex-Officio Members
Chuck Collins, College of Arts and Sciences
George Drinnon, Haslam College of Business
Jeff Fairbrother, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Mary Gunther, College of Nursing
Michael Palenchar, College of Communication and Information
Masood Parang, Tickle College of Engineering
John Stier, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
General Education Subcommittee Chairs
Megan Bryson, Cultures & Civilizations
Chuck Collins, Quantitative Reasoning
John Haas, Communicating Orally
Cheryl Kojima, Natural Sciences
Jeff Larsen, Social Sciences
Barbara Murphy, Arts and Humanities, Chair
Jeff Ringer, Communicating through Writing
Other Appointees
Monique Anderson, Office of the University Registrar
Mike McFall, Inst. Research & Assessment
Missy Parker, Advising
Charissa Powell, University Libraries
Student Members

General Education Committee

The committee serves as a standing committee of the Undergraduate Council to advise the Undergraduate Council on matters pertaining to general education. Specifically, the General Education committee will

The General Education committee will coordinate its activities with other committees of the Undergraduate Council (e.g., Curriculum, Academic Policy, and Academic Advising).

Membership Guidelines

The membership will consist of 6-8 elected members of the Undergraduate Council. In addition to the membership from the Undergraduate Council, the chair of each General Education subcommittee, a representative of the UG Council Advising committee and a student member will serve on the committee. Representatives from Institutional Research and Assessment, the University Libraries, and the Registrar’s office will be appointed each year by the Chair of the Undergraduate Council in consultation with the Directors/Deans of these specific units. The chair of the committee is selected from among the faculty members at the last meeting of the Spring semester. If the chair is not an elected member of the Undergraduate Council, the chair will serve as an ex-officio member of that body. All members of the committee may vote.

Undergraduate Council Minutes - Page U3654 - February 23, 2016

General Education Subcommittees

There are seven subcommittees, one each for each of the Basic Skills and Broadened Perspectives areas. The subcommittees serve in an advisory role to the General Education committee and are charged with management of the lists of courses to be included in the General Education requirement for their respective subcommittee. Specifically, subcommittees review and make recommendations for approving general education courses and review courses for continuation as general education courses. Subcommittees correspond with departments proposing courses and consult with faculty in revising course proposals. In addition, subcommittees review student petitions for general education courses.

Selection of Subcommittee Members
Members of the General Education Subcommittees will be appointed by the Chair of the Undergraduate Council in consultation with the General Education committee and the Undergraduate Council. Each subcommittee will have representation from multiple colleges. Subcommittees may range in size from 3-8 members. Each subcommittee should have representatives with subject expertise in the general education category it represents.

Members will serve a 3-year term on a rotating basis and may serve a second term. The chair of each subcommittee will be appointed by the chair of the General Education committee and will be selected from the pool of members with at least one year of service on the subcommittee. The chair of each of the Basic Skills subcommittees will be selected as follows; Quantitative Reasoning from Math, Communicating Orally from Speech Communication and the chair of Communicating through Writing will be the Director of English Composition.

Undergraduate Council Minutes - Pages U939-U940 - April 26, 2005
and Page U1411 - April 22, 2008



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