TVC NEWS brings you a look at news from UT and around the wrold. TVC news also hosts special events such as the SGA debates and other campus events.

UT CRIBS is a weekly show where UT students show off their pads. You get to see everything from small sorority dorms to dingy apartments to lavish houses. Watch online!

UT UNCUT is a show compiled of student films, parties, and short sketches. UT Uncut gives you a raw look at student life.

SPORTS MECCA brings you a weekly wrap of UT and national sports featuring analysis and in-depth UT sports coverage. Feature stories on athletes, coaches, and the fans.

HOT TOPIX is your weekly look at popular topics and events at UT and around the world. Panelists and callers discuss topics fromdating and college life to politics and health. Watch online!

ORANGE JUICE is a weekly show that highlights UT student groups, clubs, and campus events. Featuring clubs ranging from the rugby team to the UT NASA microgravity team.

TVC TRAVELOG sends students out on vacation or spring break with video cameras and gives them the opportunity to produce their own show. If you're going somewhere and would like to create a Travelog for TVC, email: tvc (at) Watch online!

WORLD VIEW is a weekly program that gives you a perspective of world events from international students at UT.

is a weekly look at what fraternities and sororities are doing to better the campus community through philantropy and other events. Watch online!

THE FOX REPORT is Patrick Fox's heeee-larious take on current events and issues. Watch online!