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Dr. Vena Long, Ed.D.


Teaching is the ultimate calling. Teaching is an honor, an art, a joy, a science, a vocation, an avocation, and an obsession. As a fourth generation teacher on both sides of my family, sharing my passion is a genetic predisposition.

I have taught in middle schools, high schools and universities. For six years I was the mathematics consultant for the Missouri Department of Education. 

As a researcher my primary interests lie in using technology effectively in the mathematics classroom and assessing mathematics achievement. 

Currently I am a professor of mathematics education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Here I work with preservice teachers of mathematics in our fifth year internship program and serve as the primary advisor of doctoral students in mathematics education.

Recent Publications 

Long, V. (2011) (In press) “The Mathematics Teacher’s Bookshelf?” The Mathematics Teacher, Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Barrett, L. & Long, V. (2012) The Moore method and the constructivist theory of learning: was R. L. Moore a constructivist? PRIMUS, Taylor & Francis Publishing, Philadelphia, PA

Alfonzo, Z., Fermin, J. & Long, V. (2009) Level of affability and comfort of students using graphic calculator in algebra class of high schools - Nivel de agrado y confort de los estudiantes usando la calculadora grfica en la clase de lgebra en secundaria, Venezuelan Journal Paradigma, Vol. XXX (2), 149-164.

Long, V. (2009). Adding “place” value to your mathematics instruction. Connect: Innovations in K-8 Science, Math, and Technology, 23 (1), 10-12

Recent Presentations 

Long, V. (2011, October).  Supporting the Preparation of Teachers through the NCTM and its Affiliates. Paper presented at regional meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, St. Louis Missouri.

Alfonso, Z & Long, V. (2011, July) “Getting Teal with Rational Numbers to Facilitate Access and Participation.”  CIAEM Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain.

Long, V. (2011, April). “Geometry: the ultimate for reasoning, sense making and connections.” Invited Paper presented as part of the “Learn and Reflect Strand” at the Annual Conference and Exposition of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Indianapolis, IN.

Long, V. (2010, September). “High Interest, Important Mathematics.” Singapore Teacher Conference and Ministry of     Education, Singapore.

Long, V. (2010, March). K-12 Assessment. Facilitator, Practitioners and Researchers Learning Together: A National Conference on the Mathematics Teaching and Learning of Latinos/as, sponsored by Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA), Tucson, AZ.

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Vena Long
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Dr. Vena M.Long
Mathematics Education

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