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New Travel Advance Functionality Available(Posted 2/1/2017)
Effective February 1, 2017, travel advances can be requested when planning a trip using the TRIP – Travel Manager transaction in IRIS. There is also a new "Request for Travel Advance Form (T-41)" available on the Treasurer's Office website that must be completed to determine the amount of the travel advance and then signed by the traveler, scanned, and attached to the Travel Expense Report. To learn more about this process and to access available IRIS Help documentation, click HERE

New Rates for National and Enterprise Car Rental (Posted 7/27/2015)
The State just entered into a five-year agreement with National/Enterprise Car Rental that has lower rates than our current agreement. The University is able to access these new rates. Click here to learn more.

New Agreements with Nashville Area Hotels (Posted 3/31/15)
Through a competitive process the University has issued system-wide framework orders to three hotels in the Knoxville area for lodging, meeting space and food and beverage prices. Click here for more information.

Preferred Hotels – No More Bidding or Contracts Required (Posted 9/5/13)
Through a competitive process the University has issued system-wide framework orders to three hotels in downtown Knoxville for lodging, meeting space and food and beverage prices. The hotels are the Hilton, World’s Fair Holiday Inn and the Crowne Plaza. The hotels have provided CONUS rates or lower, discounts off catering menus and they agreed to accept a University event ordering form. We plan to obtain similar agreements with hotels in Nashville and other areas that University travelers frequently hold events. Click here to learn more.

New CONUS rates effective 10/1/2013 (Posted 9/11/13) Every year on October 1, the US Government updates the travel per diems for the Continental US (CONUS). Click here to learn more.

New Emerald Club "One, Two, Free" Promotion (Posted 9/11/13)
The Emerald Club is currently having a promotion called "One, Two, Free" that enables members to earn free rental cars. This promo runs from September 2013 - January 2014. To learn more click here.

I Want My Travel Money Now Video Released (Posted 3/28/13)
The Treasure's Office has produced an animated travel training video to point out common errors made with employee’s travel requests. Click here to view the video.


World Travel Services Inc Information Access. (Posted 11/6/2012)
New information to access World Travel Services Inc information is posted here.


New US DOT Baggage Rule Disclosure Requirements (8/6/2012)

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is implementing new regulations regarding the disclosure of airline baggage allowances and identification of applicable fees. To assist our clients and travelers in understanding what charges they may be subject to, World Travel Service is introducing a short cut page to give travelers quick access to the most commonly booked airlines by World Travel Service worldwide.



Per Diems for Travel Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) link updated! (6/12/12)

The link for per diem for travel outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS) has been updated. Please update your bookmarks.


Revision of University Fiscal Policy - Travel Policy (4/4/2011)

Treasurer Charles (Butch) Peccolo has announced that the following fiscal policy has been posted. The policy is effective April 1, 2011 , and is now on the policy web site.


FI0705 – Travel


Several travel policy changes have been made in an effort to streamline the reimbursement process and provide clarification in certain areas. Some of the more significant changes include:


  • When a stay at a business location is extended either prior to or after the business mission for personal reasons, the entire airfare is now reimbursable. Other expenses incurred during the personal portion such as meals or lodging are not reimbursable. Currently the traveler is required to document the cost of the airfare for just the business portion of the trip and the trip is treated as an exception, thereby requiring additional approvals. We have found the difference between these airfares to be negligible and have therefore removed this requirement.


  • For flights outside of North America the University will reimburse coach upgrade charges for seats that provide additional leg room. The upgrade can’t include first or business class, which is still prohibited by State statute. This change was made to accommodate travelers on long flights.


  • Guidance is provided for obtaining quotes that will be used in determining the amount of reimbursement for instances when a traveler leaves from a destination other than their official station or combines personal travel with business travel and includes additional destinations, or the traveler wishes to purchase a first or business class ticket. In these instances the traveler will be reimbursed the cost of the lowest discounted coach ticket for the business portion of the flight originated from their official station. If the comparable quote is obtained in accordance with these changes, the reimbursement request will not be treated as an exception. Currently, policy doesn’t address these situations and trips of this nature are treated as an exception requiring additional approvals.


  • Clarification is provided for airline code share with respect to the Fly America Act. 


  • Clarification is provided regarding the reimbursement of local mileage. It specifically prohibits the reimbursement of commuting miles from the traveler’s home to their official work station. The requirement to claim the lesser of miles from their official station to the business meeting or the traveler’s home to the business meeting was removed from policy.


  • Clarification was provided that ATM fees are not reimbursable.


  • Clarifies that if a traveler elects not to eat a conference provided meal, the deduction for the meal should still be taken. Otherwise, the University is purchasing the same meal twice.    


All university business managers whose faculty and staff travel should read and understand the guidelines provided in this policy.



The University has partnered with National and Enterprise to service your rental car needs. To obtain these rates you will need to use the corporate discount code XZ56187. To take full advantage of this partnership it is recommended that you enroll in their Emerald Club program which is offered for free to University Employees. To view the current University contract rates, enroll in Emerald Club or reserve a car just click on the links below


University Rental Car Rates


To enroll with Emerald Club


Rent a Car with National or Enterprise



Going Green

The University has started processing paperless travel claims and by July, 2011 we hope to have all campuses paperless. Instead of submitting receipts and other supporting documents with your travel claims, these will be scanned and attached to your travel transaction in IRIS. This will result in faster reimbursements since documents will not be routed through campus mail and will not have to be matched with the electronic transaction by the person reviewing the travel. The paper original will be stored in the department for one year and the scanned version will be available for all authorized users in IRIS for at least six years.  The steps for attaching these documents and additional training material are provided in the link below:


Steps for Travel Attachments