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The Update - University of Tennessee Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Redesigned Ledgers Coming This Month

A redesigned ledger for educational & general funds (those starting with E, I, N, or R) is now available on the IRIS menu.  This ledger generally has all the information found on current ledgers, but in a cleaner format.  Read on to learn about its other new features.

PCI Data Security Standards Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ's)

Accepting credit cards at the University of Tennessee as a payment option requires that the university comply with the security standards established by the payment card industry.  The completion of an annual self-assessment questionnaire is part of this mandatory compliance, and any university department that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data must comply with the Payment Card Data Security Standards and complete the questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be distributed to the Chief Business Officers throughout the university system in mid-September, and should be completed by mid-October.  More information can be found here.

Common Travel Issues

As the new academic and fiscal years get underway, faculty and staff will be traveling to conferences and other university-related functions.  That means more travel requests and expense reports.  Here are some things to keep in mind for travelers that can make the reimbursement process easier.  Read on for more information.

Taxable Fringe Benefits and Exclusions

The University of Tennessee provides several fringe benefits to employees which constitute a form of pay in addition to stated salary, and as the IRS is conducting nearly 6,000 audits over the next two years, it is important to know which benefits are taxable and which can be excluded.  Read more here.

Moving Allowance, Cell Phone, & Retirement Reception and Awards Policy Changes

Several policies affecting a number of university system employees have been recently updated.  These include the university's policies governing moving allowances (policy #FI0450), the use of cellular telephones and other wireless communication devices (policy #FI0730), and retirement receptions and awards to employees (policy #FI0720).  The moving allowance changes have consolidated the approval process into one form and also ensure that proper taxes are withheld.  The cellular telephone policy has eliminated the paper approval process, and the retirement reception policy now has a section with guidance on awards that may be given to employees.  A complete, searchable list of these and all other university policies can be found here.

A Message from Charles Peccolo

One of my goals is to improve communication between the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and the many campuses, institutes, units, and departments that rely on this office to conduct their daily financial transactions. To that end, we have created this newsletter designed to communicate any recent changes or events as well as to provide guidance in the many different financial areas such as payroll, travel, purchasing, and the IRIS system. The newsletter will be distributed as necessary, so please let my staff know of any matters that you would like to see included. Thanks for all that you do for the university, and hopefully you will find this information beneficial. Comments & suggestions can be sent to

Treasurer's Office Personnel Changes

The University of Tennessee’s Purchasing Department, Accounts Payable Department, and Office of the Treasurer have recently undergone some changes in personnel.  Read on for more details.
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