Master Agreements

The Contracts Administration department has finalized several master agreements. These agreements will ensure that future purchases with these vendors will be governed by the terms and conditions in the master agreement, thereby eliminating negotiations over terms and conditions. The goal is to make the contract process much more efficient.

Note: master agreements do not change any UT policies. Departments must continue to comply with all applicable University policies. In particular, departments MUST still comply with relevant Fiscal Policies regarding purchasing. If a proposed agreement will be $10,000 or more, the transaction (including all associated costs) is subject to the competitive bid process. Also, these master agreements are also not exclusive (i.e., just because the University has a “master agreement” with a vendor, departments are not required to use those vendors). Master agreements are intended to make the contract process more efficient, but do not supersede or otherwise change any applicable state laws or University policies. For more information about the bidding process, visit the Purchasing Office.

If you have questions, please contact your Campus Contract Office or the University-Wide Administration Contract Office.

As of October 17, 2013, there are currently 100 master agreements.

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