Avoid Duplicate Payments


Vendors often send several different types of documents for a transaction.  When orders are placed online, an electronic invoice or receipt may be generated, but some vendors are also sending paper invoices for the same transaction.


Invoices are also sometimes sent via e-mail and by regular mail.


Some vendors, such as ARAMARK, are providing a document confirming an order and then an invoice after the order has been completed.


Several departments are failing to adequately scrutinize these documents and processing two checks for the same transaction, which results in duplicate payments to the vendor.


This has occurred frequently with Staples, FedEx, and ARAMARK, and these transactions have primarily been processed at the departmental level.


Please review all documents to ensure that a payment has not already been processed, be sure to mark all documents as paid, and ensure that proper approvals are contained on these documents.


For more information, please contact Cindy Stockdale (cstockda@tennessee.edu) or 865-974-2280.








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