As of October 1 2011, the per diem travel rates for travel within the state of Tennessee have changed slightly.


Lodging reimbursement rates for Nashville (Davidson County) and Memphis (Shelby County) will be going down, while rates for Oak Ridge (Anderson County), Knoxville (Knox County), Chattanooga (Hamilton County), and Brentwood/Franklin (Hamilton County) will be going up.  The rates for all other cities and counties in Tennessee will remain the same. 


The per diem rates for meals and included expenses will also remain the same.

You can find a complete list of all reimbursement per diem rates here.


City/County Lodging Rate
(Pre-Oct 2011)
Lodging Rate
(Oct 2011-Sept 2012)
Standard Rate $77.00 (plus taxes) $77.00 (plus taxes)
Knoxville/Knox $84.00 (plus taxes) $86.00 (plus taxes)
Chattanooga/Hamilton $88.00 (plus taxes) $94.00 (plus taxes)
Nashville/Davidson $110.00 (plus taxes) $107.00 (plus taxes)
Memphis/Shelby $96.00 (plus taxes) $93.00 (plus taxes)
Oak Ridge/Anderson $90.00 (plus taxes) $91.00 (plus taxes)
Franklin/Williamson $94.00 (plus taxes) $97.00 (plus taxes)
Brentwood/Williamson $94.00 (plus taxes) $97.00 (plus taxes)








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