Pay Federal Express with a P-Card (Posted 1/24/13)
Over 6,200 invoices were entered into IRIS for payments to Federal Express. Most of these invoices were less than $100. In 2010, employees were instructed to use departmental procurement cards for these purchases.  Despite these instructions the number of invoices being processed has increased by 11 percent. Processing payments in this fashion is very inefficient and expensive and results in hundreds of payments being returned to the university because Federal Express is unable to match the payments with the hundreds of outstanding invoices. The accounts payable staff spends a great deal of time attempting to reconcile this process.

Payments via a procurement card ensure the correct invoice is paid and an invoice does not have to be entered or approved in IRIS. This is prime example of how the procurement card save the university thousands of dollars in transaction costs. Please encourage your departmental staff to use a procurement card for payments to Federal Express and similar type of purchases in the future. Also, make sure that receipts from Federal Express are not processed as an invoice, thereby resulting in a duplicate payment.

To further save on your shipping costs, your campus mail services should be used instead of Federal Express. This is cheaper and the costs are billed directly to your departmental account. Contact your campus business office and/or the Systems Accounts Payable office if you have any questions.

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