Changes made to Travel Policy

Mr. Charles M. Peccolo, interim chief financial officer, announces several changes to university travel policy. These updates are intended to address compliance issues, clarify current practices and increase efficiencies in processing travel.

The changes to regulations related to the Fly American Act will provide more airline choices for flights to certain foreign countries. To clarify current practices, qualifying prepaid expenses are limited to 6 months prior to the trip, language has been added regarding corporate travel reward programs, and tipping is limited to 20 percent of the total bill instead of the amount before taxes. Related to increasing efficiencies, language has been added about scanning travel receipts and scanning documents related to T-30s.

We are continuing our efforts to increase the number of transactions that will be processed in a paperless fashion and these updates are intended to address these new efficiencies. Not every campus has currently implemented these new solutions. If you are not sure, please consult your business office to determine their current practices. Other minor clarifying updates have also been made to the travel policy.

Please contact the interim chief financial officer’s staff at 865-974-3086 if you have any questions regarding this new policy and its requirements


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