Contract Administration has recently finalized three new master agreements with GE Healthcare, the Knoxville Hilton, and Park Vista in Gatlinburg, TN. 


The GE Healthcare agreement will cover many of GE Healthcare’s divisions with the exceptions of GE Healthcare Information Technology products or GE Healthcare Surgery products.  It is expected that these two divisions will be added in the near future.


The Knoxville Hilton agreement details terms and conditions that will govern all future transactions between the University and the hotel.  All future bookings by UT will be done through purchase orders.


The Park Vista agreement is similar to the Knoxville Hilton agreement in that it details terms and conditions. All future bookings can be done through purchase orders.


Master agreements benefit the University because these agreements eliminate the need for negotiations over the terms and conditions, which will make the process of doing business with these vendors more efficient.


Please note, master agreements do not change any UT policies.  Departments must continue to comply with all applicable University policies.  Also, these master agreements are not exclusive. 


To learn more about master agreements and see a list of the vendor master agreements, visit the Contracts Administration section of the Office of the Treasurer website at



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Vice President & Treasurer

301 Andy Holt Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996
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