Dike Ahanotu, CSI – Freight Data for Planning in Tennessee The presentation will cover freight data analysis conducted as part of the Freight Planning On-Call Support contract. Existing freight data in the state have been identified and summarized. The presentation will describe how it can be used to support planning activities for the MPOs and for TDOT. Freight data covered in the presentation include classification counts, origin-destination surveys, and the recently purchased Transearch freight flow database.

  Daniel Rudge, SIR – Understanding Generational Dynamics –A Primer for Planners For years, MPOs, transit agencies, and local and regional planning bodies have relied on trend analysis to support their socio-economic and demographic projections for their planning process and related long-range planning documents. SIR has formulated a new perspective for planners that is based on understanding generational dynamics – the different attitudes, expectations, and behaviors of Gen Ys, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and Silent Generation cohorts. This presentation showcases each generation and explains why they are all different. It presents each generation’s own unique perspectives on their community and the future they envision for it.

  Mike Conger, Knoxville TPO & Vince Bernardin, Jr. , BLA - Knoxville’s Hybrid Trip-based/Tour-based Model An overview of Knoxville’s new hybrid trip-based/tour-based model will be presented. The presentation will review the basic model structure, its improved sensitivity to various planning and policy variables, the resulting validation statistics and comparisons with the existing four-step model as well as examining practical considerations such as run time. The new model incorporates trip-chaining effects and offers consistency with tours as well as sensitivity to fuel prices, peak-spreading, urban design factors such as mixed use development and grid vs. cul-de-sac style network design, system-level transit and regional walk/bike forecasts and more.