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MS Word Page Numbering

How to Number the Pages of a Thesis or Dissertation in Microsoft Word 2000

  1. If your approval sheet is in the same document with your preliminary pages, put your cursor at the bottom of the approval sheet and go to 'Insert' and select 'Break.' Choose a 'Next Page' section break.
  2. With your cursor on the Title Page, go to 'Insert' and select 'Page numbers.'
  3. Set the position. Choose either top or bottom.
  4. Set the alignment. Page numbers can be either right, center, or outside (center is not an option if page numbers are placed at the top of the page).
  5. Unclick the checkbox that says "Show number on first page."
  6. Click the 'Format' button.
  7. Choose the lowercase Roman Numerals from the pulldown menu (i, ii, iii…).
  8. Under 'Page numbering' choose 'Start at' and select i.
  9. Place your cursor on the last preliminary page and go to 'Insert' and select 'Break.' Choose a 'Next Page' section break.
  10. If page a number appears on the first page of the body of the text, make sure that it is an Arabic numeral. If not, format the page number so that it is a '1.'

The result should be that your approval sheet does not have a page number. Your title page should not have a page number printed on the page. Your preliminary pages should be numbered with lowercase Roman numerals and the body of your text should be numbered with Arabic numerals.

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