Dr. Carol Tenopir


IS 523 Abstracting and Indexing
Last taught Spring 2002
Wednesdays 6:30-9:10pm (eastern time)
On-campus location: Communications 321B
Carol Tenopir
(865) 974-7911

Course Goals/Objectives:
1. To learn various techniques for enhancing subject access to a wide variety of documents.

2. To understand how vocabulary and indexing decisions and their application impact the success of indexing services and information retrieval.

3. To appreciate the standards and complexities of thesaurus design and the use of thesauri in indexing.

4. To learn to write and recognize effective and appropriate abstracts.

5. To learn the steps and procedures of indexing monographs.

6. To understand how technology affects the intellectual and mechanical aspects of indexing, abstracting, thesauri design, and back-of-the-book indexing.

7. To think about the future of indexing and abstracting.

Through a combination of lectures, class discussions, hands-on assignments, practice, and reading students will learn both how to index and abstract and why indexing and abstracting are important.

Lancaster, F.W. Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice. 2nd. Edition. Champaign-Urbana: GSLIS, 1998.
Cleveland, Donald B. and Cleveland, Ana D. Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting. 3rd. Edition. Libraries Unlimited, 2001.

Optional: Mulvany, Nancy. Indexing Books. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993.


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