Dr. Carol Tenopir


1995 to 1999
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Keynote speaker, "Human Values and Technology Visions," Virginia Library Association Annual Meeting, Homestead, October 1999

Keynote speaker, "The Human Side of Computer Networks," Kentucky Library Association, Louisville, October 1999

University of Hawaii Libraries Staff Development program, Honolulu, July 1999

Featured speaker at two programs: "The Changing World of Public Services Librarians" and "Can We Ever Cancel Anything" American Library Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans June 1999

Speaker, "Full Text Sources on the Web," National Online Meeting, New York City, May 1999

Speaker, "Mentoring" and "State of the School," Tennessee Library Association, Nashville, April 1999

Featured speaker, "User Studies," Search Engines Conference, Boston, April 1999

Panelist, "Users and Their Use of Information," National Federation of Abstracting and Information annual conference, Philadelphia, February 1999

Keynote speaker, Alabama Health Libraries Association Annual Conference, Mobile, Alabama, August 1998

Panel member on two programs: "Electronic Publishing" and "State of the School," Tennessee Library Association, Memphis, April 1998

Keynote speaker, "The Librarian's Role in End-User Searching (PPT)," Library of Congress FEDLINK program, Washington, D.C., November 1997

Keynote speaker, Nevada Library Association, Carson City, October 1997

Panelist, "Reva's (W)rap Session," Online World '97, Washington, D.C., September 1997

With Donald W. King, Special Libraries Association,update on Goldspiel Grant, Seattle, June 1997

Invited speaker, "Human Side of Computer Systems," Central Arkansas Library District, Little Rock, May 1997

Invited speaker, "Electronic Publishing," American Medical Publishers Association, Philadelphia, March 1997

Panel member, Association of Library and Information Science Education, panel on Job Placement, Washington, D.C., February 1997

Invited Speaker, "Emotions of Online Searching," Knoxville Regional Health Librarians, Knoxville, February 1997

Invited Speaker, with Donald W. King,Southern Medical Library Association, Knoxville, November 1996

Keynote Speaker, "Changes in Technology and the Information Flow," Southern Medical Library Association, Memphis, October 1996

Plenary Speaker, "Trends in End User Online,"Online World Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., October 1996

Panel member, search strategy session,Online World Annual Conference, Washington,D.C., October 1996

Keynote Speaker, "The Human Side of Computer Networks,"Arkansas Library Association, Little Rock, September 1996

Invited Speaker, "Electronic Publishing and Editing," Electronic Publishing Conference, Knoxville, September 1996

Invited Speaker, with Donald W. King, Special Libraries Association, June 1996

Invited Speaker, "Is CD-ROM Obsolete?," Washington Library Association, May 1996

Invited speaker "Transforming Online Searching For Tomorrow's Information Society", Florida Library Association, April 1996

Invited speaker, Tennessee Library Association, Resource Sharing Roundtable, April 1996

Invited speaker, Tennessee Library Association, Reference Roundtable, April 1996

Invited speaker, Mary Utopia Rothrock lecturer, East Tennessee Library Association, November 1995

Invited speaker, Chattanooga Library Association, May 1995

Invited Speaker, "Librarians in the 21st Century," Memphis Library Council, April 1995

Invited speaker, OCLC Distinguished Lecture series, Columbus, March 1995

Invited speaker, Southern Ohio chapter of ASIS, Columbus, March 1995

Invited speaker, Columbus Ohio Public Library, March 1995

Invited moderator, "New Solutions to Document Delivery", Association of College and Research Libraries annual meeting, Pittsburgh, March 1995

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