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Use of the Scientific Journal Literature

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Selected Quotes From Focus Group Sessions

“Students should be exposed to the literature at the junior or senior level. Freshmen don’t care. They faint easily.”

“Require freshmen to read journal articles? I’m just glad they read the textbook”.

“Engineers read each article and spend a lot of time on each.”

“Chemistry has a long tradition … they have a corpus of textbooks and literature specialists.”

“Students want what they can print out. Immediate gratification. They need it now. Quick and easy. They don’t recognize the fact it isn’t in English.”

“If something is from .edu it has credibility.”

“I did a web tutorial a year ago but don’t remember any of it.”

“Contrived searches are the worse. One professor would assign 10 articles to be defined on a nonsense topic. What made him stop? He retired.”

“Start with an encyclopedia … move to a treatise … monograph … articles … etc. Make a process”.

“Information literacy should be built into and reinforced in every course.”

“One student in the library said, “I’m supposed to find a ‘referee’”.

“It’s like the World Trade Center. What is that literature going to come out?”

“Professors give websites for data … not journal articles, but data”.

“A small paper, a small project”.

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